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Out-of-Town Visitors

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Out-of-Town Visitor Legal Representation in San Diego

From Los Angeles to San Diego, tourists and visitors love to come to Southern California to experience the sunny surroundings on a vacation or business trip. Unfortunately, sometimes the vacation is abruptly cut short by a criminal arrest or citation. If you find yourself in legal trouble in San Diego, we can help you resolve the charges and put this experience and memory behind you.  When you have been arrested in San Diego, CA you cannot afford any delay in seeking legal representation to help you navigate your way out of the criminal justice system to avoid the serious consequences you face.


Ray Vecchio Law has nearly three decades of legal experience and a proven track record of success in representing clients on a wide variety of charges. Common offenses that ensnare out of town visitors to San Diego revolve around the tourist nightlife and alcohol.


Many of our clients come to our San Diego office for help after an arrest for:

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Disorderly Intoxication

Domestic Pisputes

Disorderly Conduct

Bar Fights (battery or assault),

Controlled Substance Possession

Our Personal Approach

As your Attorney we offer a personal approach to winning your case.  We will discuss all aspects of your case with you, advise you of your options and involve you in the decision making process. Helping you through this difficult time is our commitment. We are always available to answer your questions and will always keep you informed.


Being arrested in another state can cause unnecessary grief and become a heavy expense. Our lawyers will work with you to minimize stress and work to close the case as best as we can, hopefully without you having to return to San Diego.


We are prepared to defend against a variety of criminal charges, and our team has the experience that you need to navigate a legal system that may be unfamiliar to you. Trust plays an important part in the process, as the lawyer you choose will represent you while you are away, and we will ensure constant open communication that allows us to best serve your needs and give your case the unique attention it deserves.


Charges in any state can affect your future, charges held in multiple can be ever more detrimental; don’t allow a bad slip to determine who you become, choose a consistent, hardworking, reputable lawyer who will work with you to bring you the best defense possible, choose Ray Vecchio Law.

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