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Personal Injury

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San Diego Personal Injury

Utilizing skill sets from various circumstances helps us become the best at making sure our community receives their due compensation wherever they are injured: be it at home, in public, or at work in San Diego, CA. We have the expertise to make sure that if you are entitled to it, we can help you receive fair and just compensation for damages.

Type of injury cases we constantly handle

I have nearly three decades of legal experience and a proven track record of success in representing clients on a wide variety of injuries.

Many of our clients come to our San Diego office for help after they have been injured from:

Car accidents

Bicycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Drunk driving accidents

Dog bites

Work related injuries

Premises liability (slip and fall)

Wrongful death

Our Personal Approach

Personal Injury Law, also known as “tort law,” awards those injured due to negligence of another compensation for the wrongdoings they have suffered. The variety of these injuries is astounding, and can be debilitating physically, emotionally, and financially. There is legal recourse for those injured by the carelessness of a person, company, or agency; and we are here to help you through it. Since 2001 Raymond Vecchio has been negotiating these types of settlements, and here in California many are unaware of how they can be helped.  Standing firmly on your side we will research your claim to the fullest extent, ensuring you your due compensation as well as treating you with the respect and care you deserve.


We will go over your case with you, and explain how we intend to proceed. Taking personal account into our practice ensures a connection with our clients that other firms can’t provide, which is important due to the 6 month window California law allows between filing the claim and the court date. With the capacity to classify damages in various ways we can help you decide which avenue would be the best to appropriate the money necessary to cover your damages.

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